What Do I Provide?

What Do I Provide?

  • A selection of 20 ceremony types from my personalised menu.
  • Readings and rituals which can be loaned to you, or emailed to you.
  • Rehearsal.
  • Portable cordless PA system with built in CD player with wireless headset.
  • General information on other services, such as relationship counseling.
  • My guarantee to be at the ceremony venue at least half an hour before the agreed starting time of the ceremony.
  • Phone contact with the bride on the day of the wedding, prior to the ceremony if requested.
  • Invoices, receipts and refund policy given for all transactions.
  • Lodgment of necessary paperwork.
  • A personalized copy of your ceremony.


First Meeting

Our first meeting is obligation free and we can meet either at my home or yours.


Booking Fee

If you would like me to be your Celebrant, an initial booking fee (which is generally non-refundable) covers ceremony preparation and the security of your marriage date.  The balance of my fee is payable prior to one week of your marriage date via direct deposit, cheque or cash.


What you need to do before getting married

  • Organise an authorized marriage celebrant to conduct your marriage ceremony
  • Give notice of your intent to marry
  • Produce evidence of your identity to the marriage celebrant
  • Produce evidence of your eligibility to marry to the marriage celebrant
  • Be of marriageable age


Notice of Intended Marriage

You must complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form (PDF, 80 KB) and both sign it in the presence of a qualified witness).

You must lodge the notice with your celebrant, a minimum of one month and one day prior to the date you wish to get married.  The notice is valid for 18 months from the date it is lodged.


Documents you will require

To comply with all of the legal requirements of the Notice of Intended Marriage, your celebrant must sight the following documents:

  • Evidence of the date and place of birth (birth certificate) of both partners (for people born outside Australia, a current passport is also required)
  • Evidence of any previous divorce or death of any previous spouse, if applicable (e.g. divorce papers, death certificate).
  • Originals of these documents must be presented.  Photocopies will not be accepted.  If a document is not in English, an official translation, in addition to the original, is required.


Marriageable age

You can get married if you are 18 years or older.

There are however provisions permitting a marriage to occur if one partner is 16 or 17 years old.  If you or your partner is 16 or 17 you should contact Department of Justice and Attorney General for advice on the documentation and permissions required for the marriage to occur.


Translating and Interpreting Services

If either partner cannot speak English, you will need to have an interpreter present at the ceremony. The interpreter must sign a statutory declaration to certify their faithful performance in the role.


Contacts you may need

Beach wedding – The Lifeguard Administration Officer on (07) 55816172
Park wedding – The Parks and Recreational Services Administration on (07) 55816766

For web contacts, see the list of links on the right.